TS-TPC-7990 Software Updates

Notice Id: 42
Type: Firmware Update
Effective On: Nov 28, 2016
Published: November 23, 2016 Products Affected: TS-TPC-7990

Notice Id: 42 | Type: Firmware Update | Effective On: Nov 28, 2016 | Published: November 23, 2016 | TS-TPC-7990

Dear Valued Customer,

We are contacting you today to notify you of an update in the shipping firmware and OS software for the TS-TPC-7990.  Technologic Systems is updating the TS-TPC-7990 software to complete the support for all features in the Revision A hardware.  We are also transitioning our standard shipping image from Yocto to Debian.

These updates includes changes to U-Boot, Debian, and Yocto, as well as new revisions for the on board FPGA and system monitor microcontroller (the Silicon Labs device which provides the USB console output).  The updates for Debian and Yocto are now available for download (please see the link below for details).  If you have TS-TPC-7990 units that you would like to have updated with the latest U-Boot, FPGA, and microcontroller updates we would ask you to request and RMA and return the units to us to complete the upgrade..

OS Change Log: http://wiki.embeddedarm.com/wiki/TS-TPC-7990#Software_Images

RMA Requests forU-Boot, FPGA, and microcontroller updates: https://www.embeddedarm.com/rma/

Summary of Changes:

Transitioning shipping image from Yocto to Debian:  We have heard requests from many customers provide our TS-TPC-7990 with Debian instead of Yocto as Debian has an online repository for prebuilt software.  If you would prefer to use Yocto we will be providing a script that will make it quick and easy to install a new image from a USB stick onto the TS-TPC-7990.  We already have this script for our related TS-4900 product that you can review and evaluate.  Please see the link below.  We will be updating this same link with the information for the TS-TPC-7990 as well, so check back in a couple of weeks for the final information.  Please contact us if our transition to shipping Debian this will cause any issues for your application and we can work with you on the transition.


Adding Sleep Mode:  Another commonly requested feature that was added in these software updates is sleep mode.  By updating the system monitoring microcontroller's software the board can now enter a sleep mode which draws 25mW on the capacitive touch variant, or 6mW on the resistive.  You can use tsmicroctl to enter this sleep mode for a specified duration.  While in these sleep modes the touch controllers are still on but in a basic state which only allows a user to touch the screen to wake up the system.  The microcontroller has the i.MX6 CPU powered off in these sleep modes, so upon a time out of the specified duration, or a touch wake up from the screen the i.MX6 will be woken up and it will perform a full boot from shut down when leaving this sleep mode.

Adding Support for System Monitoring:  Updates to both the system monitoring microcontroller and tsmicroctl will allow a user to monitor the analog value of most of the on board power rails.  A user could use this feature to monitor system health or the incoming power status.

Adding New Daughter Cards:  We are in the process of developing a daughter card daughter card based on our TS-SILO technology which can power the TS-7990 from super caps as a backup supply.  This upcoming daughter card allows the power to be held up long enough to perform a safe shutdown.  Updates on the manual will show more information on handling the safe shutdown from Debian and Yocto, watch for announcements for the TS-DC799-SILO for more details.

Update to U-Boot:  In combination with the FPGA update this U-Boot will clean up the performance of a reboot, and support the upcoming TS-SILO daughter card.  The U-Boot update is only required in conjunction with the new FPGA revision.  

Update to Yocto: An update to Yocto Jethro is now available.  This includes the latest tsmicroctl, an tshwctl for the ts-tpc-7990.  


Update to Debian: Debian has also been updated with the latest kernel and tsmicroctl.


Update to FPGA: The FPGA is updating from REV 4 to REV 5 to add support for our initial production processes.   This change is putting back a pullup that only connects to the CPU that was present in REV 3 of the the FPGA.  REV 5 should have no user impact from REV 4.

Technologic Systems appreciates your business. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us by either replying to this email or filling out the contact us form at http://pcs.embeddedarm.com/notices/ts-tpc-7990-software-updates.

Best Regards,

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