TS-7970 Silabs, FPGA, and U-boot updates

Notice Id: 35
Type: Firmware Update
Effective On: Jun 06, 2016
Published: June 06, 2016 Products Affected: TS-7970

Notice Id: 35 | Type: Firmware Update | Effective On: Jun 06, 2016 | Published: June 06, 2016 | TS-7970

Dear Valued Customer,

We are contacting you today to let you know about updates on the TS-7970 for the Silabs, FPGA, and a new U-boot release.  These are fixing a few bugs and adding a couple new features.  None of these updates include critical fixes, and existing systems will not need to be updated. This should be one of the final software updates before the TS-7970 leaves our engineering sampling program.  We are also planing a final hardware update and we will provide more details on those changes and the release time line soon.

The Silabs change adds a sleep mode that allows board power to be turned off leaving only the supervisory microcontroller on.  This allows the board to run down to 35mW for a specified period of time or until the push button is pressed.  This is enabled with tsmicroctl in u-boot or linux.



The FPGA change uses FPGA_IRQ_0 as the FPGA reset rather than just a POR.  A new register 61 was added to allow a user to enable SPI on HD1 at all times rather than just when HD1_SPI_CS# is asserted.  This is intended to allow kernel modifications to specify any arbitrary GPIO to be used as a SPI chip select, while also allowing these pins to be used as GPIO.


The U-boot release moves to Freescale's latest stable version.  This also adds printouts to show the Silabs and FPGA versions.  This implements the new FPGA reset signal, and includes minor fixes for Ethernet, NFS, and the DDR configs.


We do not recommend the new U-boot without also having the new FPGA release.  None of these updates include critical fixes so this is likely not needed by existing units.  If you require your unit(s) to be updated to the new releases for testing, please contact us by either replying to this email or filling out the contact us form at http://pcs.embeddedarm.com/notices/ts-7970-silabs-fpga-and-u-boot-updates.

Best Regards,

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