TS-7260 and TS-7400 SD Card and Driver Change

Notice Id: 23
Type: EOL Component
Effective On: Feb 26, 2016
Published: February 12, 2016 Products Affected: TS-7260, TS-7400

Notice Id: 23 | Type: EOL Component | Effective On: Feb 26, 2016 | Published: February 12, 2016 | TS-7260 TS-7400

Dear Valued Customer,

We are contacting you today to notify you of a TS-7260 and TS-7400 SD Card and Driver Change  from Technologic Systems.   The SD cards currently provided for the TS-7260 and TS-7400 are no longer available and we will be transitioning to a new card.  This change could impact the software you have written to run on the TS-7260 and TS-7400 on all future shipments of our product that you receive. Please read below for details on how to determine if your software needs to be updated, and instructions for updating your software. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

The affected products are: TS-7260, TS-7400

The 2GByte SD cards the TS-7260 and TS-7400 systems were designed with are no longer available.  Technologic Systems has been able to qualify a replacement device in the form of an 8GByte SD card.  Due to a change in the SD card software technology used on the 8GByte card a new SDHC driver has been loaded into the image provided on the SD cards and on board NAND flash by Technologic Systems.  All new cards and systems will be sent with the correct driver, and preloaded with a 2GByte file system.  All images/systems are backwards compatible with 2GByte SD cards.

For all customers who use the Linux image preprogramed on the TS-7260 and TS-7400 by Technologic Systems as is, no changes will be required. Just load your application code as usual on the new boards that you receive.

For any customers who build their own image to be loaded on the on board flash, please re-build your image using the files and information located at the following path:

Technologic Systems appreciates your business. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us by either replying to this email or filling out the contact us form at http://pcs.embeddedarm.com/notices/ts-7260-and-ts-7400-sd-card-and-driver-change.

Best Regards,

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