TS-7250-V2 Processor Last Time Buy Offer

Notice Id: 111
URL: Type: EOL Component
Contains Board Revisions: No
Effective On: Mar 31, 2020
Published: May 27, 2019
Products Affected: TS-7250-V2

Dear Valued Customer,

We are contacting you today with a  TS-7250-V2 Processor Last Time Buy Offer. Technologic Systems has been notified by Marvell that the processor utilized on the TS-7250-V2 product will be going end of life.  Technologic Systems will be placing a large End of Life Last Time Buy to mitigate the impact on our customers' products.  We are extending the offer to our customers to participate in the last time buy of this processor to guarantee your product lifecycle for as long as you would like.  In addition to this last time buy we will also be offering the TS-7250-V3 as a form/fit/function compatible, similarly priced, upgrade path.

The affected products are: TS-7250-V2 and all standard and custom product variations

We have been notified by Marvell that they are terminating production on the entire PXA16x processor family.  Technologic Systems is a preferred partner of Marvell and has been given an extension on the EOL to  June of 2020. 

Technologic Systems will be purchasing enough of the PXA166 (800MHz CPU) to sustain our lower volume customers for approximately 4 years.  For those customers who would like to ensure their supply of the products with this CPU we are opening up a last time buy program.  We would encourage participation in this program for any customers who are purchasing the TS7250-V2 in volumes of ~75 units per year or more,  plan to ramp up their usage over the next several years, or would otherwise like to ensure a dedicated supply of these devices for their long life product offering.

Technologic Systems can facilitate the purchase and inventory management of the Marvell 88AP166 (800 MHz ARM9 CPU) on your behalf for $20 per CPU.  All customers who participate in the last time buy will receive special pricing for the TS-7250-V2 which is $20 less than the standard price until the pre-purchased CPUs are exhausted.

Customers must contact us before Mar 31, 2020 ([[ NOTICE_EFFECTIVE_DATE_HUMAN_DIFF ]]) to participate in this last time buy so that we can plan appropriately.  We are also happy to address any other concerns you may have with the TS-7250-V2, or the TS-7250-V3.

Technologic Systems appreciates your business. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us by either replying to this email or filling out the contact us form at

Best Regards,

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