Technologic Systems Updates Lifecycle Commitments: "Long life hardware, lifelong support."

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Effective On: Jul 19, 2020
Published: July 20, 2020
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Dear Valued Customer,

Technologic Systems' goal is to design and build industrial products that thrive in the market and outlive the typical lifecycle of other industrial electronics and far outstrip the churn of the standard consumer-grade electronic devices. Our focus remains developing products that will be as relevant in 5 years as they were the day they were released and will be available for new or maintenance deployments 10-15 years.

Sadly, sometimes the combination of the market, emerging technologies, and electronics components manufacturers phasing out products make never discontinuing any of the Technologic Systems’ products an impossible goal.

For 34 years, we were able to say we had never discontinued a product. Times are changing; however, Technologic Systems will always be able to say that we have never left a customer without support.  We also strive to provide every customer with a path to continue to support their legacy products, typically while offering upgraded features into their current requirements. We provide evolution paths for our popular products, which have CPUs marked for end of life. We will hold inventory stock of CPUs and other critical components for customers for many years after an end of life event and continue to manufacture the same product untouched.

We stay on top of evaluating the next generation of form fit function replacements of nearly all the electronic components that go into our systems, relieving our customers of the need to worry about the industry's state and focus on their customers and products.

Technologic Systems will be announcing a few updates on products that now have  minimal availability. Once the materials have run out, we will be unable to manufacture any new products.  In most cases, our limited availability will fill our current demand for several years.  Typically we will also be able to offer repair services for any older units, regardless of how long they have been deployed.  In some cases we will be able to work with individual customers who have need to invest in more extensive market searches for components to build a final batch of hardware.  Additionally Technologic Systems is always happy to develop new custom products for our customers who are looking to invest in newer technology and may have particular electrical or mechanical needs that do not fit into our current selection of products.   We are committed to supporting our customers to the best market availability for the entire lifecycle of your product.

We will always support any device that we have produced. From answering technical questions to repairing a product, we can and will provide support for even the oldest of our products, even the ones we shipped 34+ years ago.

Technologic Systems appreciates your business. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us by either replying to this email or filling out the contact us form at

Best Regards,

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