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We are contacting you today to tell you about our plans to Improve MAC Address Serial Number Labels.  Many of Technologic Systems' products utilize the Ethernet MAC Address as our serial number, which is printed on a small white label with a barcode a fixed to the top side of the board.  We will be updating these labels over the next 3-12 months to contain more digits of the MAC Address.  This change is simply a visual improvement and will have no impact on the serial number or any RMA processes.

The affected products are: All Products

Currently our serial number labels only print the last 6 digits of the 12 digit MAC Address.  The full 12 digits can be found on the pack slip, and the first 6 digits have previously all been the same on all products.  Several new products will be utilizing MAC Addresses from a different block and will begin to use a different first 6 digits.  As a part of these new product roll outs we have determined that it is possible to fit the full 12 digits of the MAC Address on the labels.  Many customers have requested that the additional digits of the MAC Address be displayed on the labels so we will be migrating this label update back into our released product line.  This transition will happen on a product by product basis and will be phased in over time as each product's label printing process is updated.

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