ID Type Title Revision Change Products Effective Published
173 BOM Update Consolidating to Single microSD Card Part Number TS-4700 TS-4800 TS-7970 TS-8100-4700 TS-8100-4800 TS-8160-4700 TS-8160-4800 TS-8820-4700 TS-8820-4800 TS-TPC-7990 TS-TPC-8390-4700 TS-TPC-8390-4800 TS-TPC-8900-4700 TS-TPC-8900-4800 TS-4900 TS-TPC-8390-4900 TS-TPC-8950-4900 12-01-2021 07-12-2021
177 Board Revision Begining to Ship New WiFi/Bluetooth Module for the TS-4900 (TS-4900 Board Revision Change from Rev D to Rev E) Yes TS-4900 TS-TPC-8390-4900 TS-TPC-8950-4900 08-09-2021 07-23-2021
176 EOL Component New RAM Qualified on TS-7250-V2, TS-7553-V2, and TS-TPC-7990 Yes TS-7553-V2 TS-7250-V2 TS-TPC-7990 08-02-2021 07-22-2021
175 Board Revision Begining to Ship New WiFi/Bluetooth Module for the TS-7970 (TS-7970 Board Revision Change from Rev E to Rev G) Yes TS-7970 07-30-2021 07-09-2021
174 BOM Update SD Card Upgrade From 8 GB to 16 GB TS-7260 TS-7300 TS-7350 TS-7370 TS-7390 TS-7395 TS-7400 TS-7800 TS-TPC-7390 TS-TPC-7395 07-14-2021 07-14-2021
172 General Terminating Tariff Surcharge & Increasing Prices on All Products All Products 07-01-2021 05-25-2021
168 General Support for External SMA WiFi Antenna on TS-8820 Enclosure TS-8820-BOX 05-31-2021 04-09-2021
170 Firmware Update Supervisory Microcontroller Shipping Software Update TS-7970 04-14-2021 04-09-2021
171 OS Update Updated Linux Shipping Software on i.MX6 Platforms for New Hardware Support TS-4900 TS-7970 TS-TPC-7990 04-14-2021 04-09-2021
169 General Placing Orders to Guarantee Supply Chain Stability All Products 03-31-2021 02-26-2021
167 BOM Update Power Capacitor Change Yes TS-7670 TS-7553-V2 TS-7970 TS-TPC-7990 TS-7680 02-19-2021 02-05-2021
165 BOM Update TS-8820 Isolated Power Supply Stability Enhancment Yes TS-8820 TS-8820-4700 TS-8820-4800 TS-8820-BOX 01-21-2021 01-21-2021
164 EOL Component New Boost Regulator Qualified on the TS-7553-V2, TS-TPC-7990, TS-8820, TS-TPC-8900, and TS-TPC-8950 TS-7553-V2 TS-8820 TS-8820-4700 TS-8820-4710 TS-8820-4712 TS-8820-4800 TS-8820-BOX TS-TPC-7990 TS-TPC-8900 TS-TPC-8900-4700 TS-TPC-8900-4710 TS-TPC-8900-4800 TS-TPC-8950 TS-TPC-8950-4900 01-04-2021 12-02-2020
163 BOM Update New TPC Bezel Surface Finish TS-TPC-7390 TS-TPC-7395 TS-TPC-8390 TS-TPC-8390-4600 TS-TPC-8390-4700 TS-TPC-8390-4710 TS-TPC-8390-4720 TS-TPC-8390-4800 TS-TPC-8390-4900 01-03-2021 12-02-2020
160 General Conformal Coating is now an Option on Select Products All Products 12-18-2020 12-11-2020
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